1. HMPH

From the recording EK7IPZ3


HMPH - Standing by lonely, racking up this mula.
HMPH - One man army, I don't need a shooter.
HMPH - All this attention, but it's seems luda.
HMPH - How these groupies swimming like a barricuda.
HMPH - Wanna size up my package, gotta bring a ruler.
HMPH - just me - yeah been on his gooly shit.
HMPH - Going in my bag, freshman on some skooly shit.
HMPH - Day walker on the track, who you fooling with.
HMPH - linked up with KE, now it's 3 official.
HMPH - all these John Cena's, I can't fucking see you.
HMPH - not cause you better, I got business I need to tend to.
HMPH - spit a 16, niggas like you rap rap.
HMPH - while they bitch wanna top me like a bottle cap.
Insta thots giving more box than warehouse.
Uber her to spot expeditiously, then ware her out.
She love to call me daddy, til the kids hit her mouth.
HMPH - Beat Massacre fool, I'm just having fun now.
HMPH - Wasn't trying, still made a banger somehow.
Couldn't see the bigger picture, if you took the photograph.
HMPH - signed myself, yeah contract was an autograph.
HMPH - they know the hits coming something like a telegraph.
HMPH - Donatello with stick, but I'm wrecked Ralph.
HMPH - Shadow King, cause the punchlines lights out.
HMPH - take ya best shot, probably need the whole clip.
HMPH - let me get a magazine, on this ego trip.
HMPH - try to be humble, but they didn't respect the notion.
HMPH - my savagery, swag surfing in Atlantic ocean.
HMPH - I'll do you a favor, leave the next bar open.
HMPH - sike, why shouldn't I leave their pride completely broken.
HMPH - sorry not sorry, apologies for not joking.
HMPH - at will with this wordsmith, iconic.
HMPH - bare steel arms, winter soldier bionic.
(Hey) told me level up, I think its ironic.
HMPH - cause I'm head over shoulders of these features mention.
HMPH - class in session, I'm on my way to detention.
HMPH - self made trademark, patent my own invention.
HMPH - invest 2 mill, if you bet to win.
HMPH - jackpot is the sauce that cook in.
HMPH - I ain't going nowhere, I'm the the foundation.
HMPH - every roadblock in my way, just motivation.
HMPH - standing ovation how you greet me.
HMPH - all hail KV, when you meet me.
HMPH - how I ride beats like a jetski.
HMPH - going live, facetime telepsy.
HMPH - looking like money, ain't I sexy.
HMPH - bought a new clock, my time is what it tells me.
Throw shade, okay homicides messy.
HMPH - where he coming, don't know but I guess he.
HMPH - sit at the big table where the best be.
HMPH - bottles of champagne, cocaine by testes.
HMPH - crown and coke, same color pepsi.
HMPH - I got a new flavor, cool ranch and zesty.
HMPH - colt and nina by side like a bestie.
Professor in the building, no need for getting testy.
HMPH - case closed, it's a wrap like burrito.
HMPH - metal gear solid, call me magneto.