KIVU7I join RAIRADIO AGAIN!!! 2nd Blog Interview w/ @TheMillenialGeneral  

KIVU7I joins the #DREAMHUSTLEWIN podcast powered by BlogTalkRadio.com for the second time and talks with @themillenialgeneral of RADIOPUSHERS!!

Up and coming artist out of Gainesville, GA (repping ATLANTA). KIVU7I is the TOTAL package: Lyricist, Singer, Songwriter, Producer and Engineer. Signed to his own record label...KIVU7I brings all the smoke, each and every time!

KIVU7I talks music business, hustling harder and what methods he's utilizing during this global pandemic to stay relevant, pushing new content to his consumers and MORE!!!






KIVU7I (formally known as KING SIMBA) does his 1st podcast interview with @themillennialgeneral of the RADIO PUSHERS marketing agency!

RAIRADIO hosts the #DREAMHUSTLEWIN podcast on blogtalkradio.com where KIVU7I talks about music business and hustling harder! 

KIVU7I mentions his background, musical originality, his unique name and style, what makes him stand out from the rest, why music executives should invest in his brand, what he's doing to stay relevant and upcoming projects!



King Simba Name Change  

Due to copyright issues and other Artist having King Simba, Simba decided to change his name to Kivu7i which is Swahili for shadow back when Simba was going by Ghozt Blaqq. he wanted something that would resonate with him  coming up as a artist hence the name shadow. also he is a Pisces The light and darkness. and as far as the 7 goes it is numerology number. 

Sprout Record Call Follow up 

So this is just a follow up on what is going on with our Artist King Simba, everything went well, and now he is working closely with an A & R to get him where he needs to be to be considered for a Major Record Label. even though we run our own record label its good to have a big brother in its place. so with that being said King Simba is being offered a lot of opportunities to him. from the Hot 16 challenge, being featured on apple music playlist, and maybe touring on the east coast. we will keep you posted. later for now

Sprouts Records phone interview!! 

King Simba had an interview with one of the scouts of scouts records label. the scouter was very impressed with his comments that she booked another interview with the President of the company to go further into a possible record sign with Universal Records. be sure to tune into this journey with us. that interview is set up on April 1st at 2pm. so be in tune to find out what will come of King Simba. 

We Indie Building!! 


We have launched our first Independent radio for Indie Artists that are putting in that time to make their music known. Not only do we play Indie music, We Indie Building will be giving shout outs to community based companies and news that is going on in the communities that is not being televised by mainstream.

It is the first Indie Station that actually gets involved with the community, so with that being said who is a hero in your community or have a product that they want to get out?  We can also talk about middle school sports, community outreach programs, local produce and what ever you think needs to be talked about. You can submit it to us and we will give you a shout out.



Latest from King Simba 

So far this year, especially in the month of March King Simba has been making major moves as an independent artist! With the rise in his social media presence. Hear Me Roar Mixtape Vol.1 has almost 100,000 steams on Spotify alone highlighting his No.1 single: "Why They Mad". Which was also performed at VLive in Atlanta; in addition to receiving great feedback from the crowd King Simba also received a radio contact after his performance SO STAY TUNED!!.